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Details of Project

Project Name:Improvement and expansion of medical care to underprivileged patients at a Public Hospital Dhaka Med
Locaion:Road of Secretariate, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh
Other Donors:Not applicable.
Project Description:Dhaka Medical College Hospital is the largest public hospital in the country having a bed capacity of 1700 and serving about 2500 in-patients daily. Besides that, it also serves more than a million out-patients in a year. Serving more than its budgeted capacity with limited resources and service cannot be provided to a significant portion of vulnerable population, including children and women who may not be able to supplement their medical costs. This project is aimed to improve services in different sectors: a) Provide financial support needed to supplement the medical care cost to a section of needed children in the Pediatric unit. This will be extended to the Obstetrics and Gynecology unit of the same hospital. b) With the objective of developing future leaders in the medical field a limited grant will be provided to the needy, but meritorious medical students. c) To expand the service delivery small grants will be provided to purchase badly needed equipments. Besides providing health care for children, the Hospital will also arrange basic health care and skill-building education for them.
Target Population:1000 people will be benefited
Funding Reason:Service delivery to the vulnerable underprivileged children and women patients for health and skill-building education
Key Person Contact Info:Mrs. Selina Akhter and Mrs. Shamim Faruque,
Submitted Date:2018-01-18 19:55:17