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Partnering with the Bangladesh Foundation

Project Completion Report


Elizabeth Ali, President Amadeyr Cloud Ltd.

It was during Dr. Zillur Khan’s visit to Bangladesh in January, 2012, that we at Amadeyr Cloud Ltd. (“ACL”) proposed “Digits to All” (DTA) project for funding support from Bangladesh Foundation, USA. Soon after we successfully defended our proposal before the Board of Trustees of Bangladesh Foundation comprising Dr. Zillur R. Khan, President of the Board, Trustee Dr. Ahsan Mansur, Executive Director of Policy Research Institute, Bangladesh, and Dr. Zaidi Sattar, Chairman, Policy Research Institute, Bangladesh. The Board approved an amount of $7000.00 in support of the ACL’s proposed project to be disbursed in three phases upon satisfactory completion of report on each.

ACL, in its ultimate goal is to bridge the Illiteracy Wall that deprives people who are unable to read to access information directly, created a unique user authentication, information delivery and feedback loop proprietary process hereinafter called the “Amadeyr Delivery System” or “ADS”. 

The ADS initiates an information loop delivery system whereby illiteracy proof and/or interactive content and/or Android programs are uploaded up to the “Amadeyr Cloud” (see description of our Eucalyptus open source cloud in the Report), which content is then accessed and comprehended by the information recipient through the Amadeyr Tablets. The information loop terminates with the usage data being immediately relayed to the Amadeyr Cloud, completing an information delivery system analogous to Registered mail. This loop provides instant usage behavioral data of the users and survey or testing results, which surveys or testing are done by the authenticated recipient directly on the Amadeyr Tablet.

With the development of individual user access points, ACL was able to ascertain that multiple interventions could be successfully introduced to the entire family, understood, and in a large number of cases it was observed that the information was and is being continued to be applied by the participants (such as learning the Bengali alphabet, cattle rearing, applying for a birth certificate/breastfeeding/skill building and health care training). Through the use of technology, multiple interventions could simultaneously be delivered, thus negating the need for separate singular campaigns saving resources.

The Bangladesh Foundation’s support was important not only from a financial perspective, but it meant that we, Amadeyr Cloud Limited, had support from respected critical thinkers that had intimate knowledge of Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Foundation Board Members gave ACL significant support and confidence by not only easily understanding that technology could be used as vehicle to supply information to the masses, but also appreciating the scope and potential impact the ADS may have in alleviating poverty by attacking the root causes thereof.  The Bangladesh Foundation Board Members clearly believed that digitization of Bangladesh was a necessary step in creating greater efficiency, equity and transparency.  For these reasons we would like to thank the Bangladesh Foundation for their kind support!

Thanks to the success of Bangladesh Foundation supported of DTA II project, ACL is currently working with the Bangladesh Government to digitize the collection, storage and reporting of consumer price data; ACL believes this can be expanded to the national population census.  As well, the success of the mentioned project has encouraged ACL to create other proposals submitted to the Bangladesh Government and donor agencies, including a proposal that is likely to attract considerable attention, in which we look to utilize the ADS to deliver road safety information/test drivers’ skills to improve the overall road safety conditions of Bangladesh.

Ms. Elizabeth Ali, Chairman of ACL in an email to Dr. Zillur R. Khan, stated “It truly has been a pleasure working with the Bangladesh Foundation, and I cannot tell you how thankful we have been for your support! This project has given us the opportunity to further demonstrate that there are other means (namely technology), to provide the public with pertinent information. I believe it was you Dr. Khan that taught me at the University of Wisconsin that good public administration creates a stable foundation for society. It is our belief that in the interim while this foundation is being laid, immediate solutions such as our ASD need to be applied so that time is not lost. We highly appreciate the Bangladesh Foundations’ leap of faith in that the ADS was a plausible solution whereas many other organizations believe Bangladesh is not ready for technology”.

To learn more about the Digits to All Project please visit our website: http://amadeyr.org/.   Please download the full DTA II Report from amadeyr blog.

Or to view interviews with our project participants please see our YouTube Channel at: http://www.youtube.com/user/amadeyrcloud