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Expatriate Bengalis under the leadership of Dr. Fazlur R. Khan, the noted American architectural engineer gathered in Chicago on April 25, 1971 to form an association to help the Bengalis in their struggle for freedom with moral and humanitarian support, which became Bangladesh Foundation (BF) following the emergence of Bangladesh as an independent nation.

The goal of the organization is to support worthy grass roots projects for adult education and skill building training for poor, illiterate and/or socially disadvantaged people in different areas of Bangladesh.

Composition of the Board of Trustees:
There shall be a President, a Secretary-cum-Treasurer and five Members comprising the Board of Trustees. The Quorum for each meeting shall be a majority of Trustees.

Every seven years any Trustee may ask for a formal election to elect new Trustees or reelect incumbent Trustees. In the absence of a formal call for elections incumbent Trustees shall be deemed reelected by consensus. In case of death or resignation of a Trustee, President of the Board of Trustees shall have the authority to appoint one from within or outside the expatriate Bengali community to fill the remainder of term of the vacated position. No new member shall be added to the Board without the unanimous consent of the Trustees. A three fourth vote of all Trustees shall be required to terminate the tenure of any Trustee for cause.

There shall be at least one meeting of the Board per year where Secretary-Treasurer shall report on funds raised from identifiable sources, if possible, and funds disbursed to pre-approved projects in accordance with funding priorities. In the same meeting President of the Board shall appraise the Trustees regarding contacts made with prospective individual and/or organizational donors and anyone interested in advancing the cause of Bangladesh Foundation. All decisions shall be taken by the vote of Majority of Trustees present and voting.

A two third majority shall be required to propose an amendment; a unanimous vote of all trustees shall be required to pass an amendment to this Constitution.